Mindful Flow

This is a powerful workout with emphasis on mind-breath-body harmony and coordination. Mindful flow is a great practice for beginners of all ages and physical condition, as well as for advanced students who appreciate the teacher’s cues on fine-tuning alignment on the most challenging poses.
Preventing mindlessly rushing through the postures allows you to focus on proper form and alignment, maintaining the body’s integrity and minimizing the risks of injuries. Flowing with gracefulness and focused intention allows you to experience each pose, releasing tension and stress, and promoting great mental clarity and spiritual growth.
Each class is carefully designed to work on strengthening and stretching every single muscle group in the body, and normally features a comprehensive core workout. The teacher offers modifications for each of the most complex postures and encourages the student to use props to assist in their journey, as well as to rest and hydrate whenever necessary.
This class is heated to 90+ degrees